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Glee: How dare you question my loyalty!!

Soooo….My family here in Florida is planning a 60th birthday bash for my pops and we have family coming into town from all over (New York,England & Jamaica ) and I’m stuck picking them up all afternoon and evening.. starting next week Thursday……yeah…Glee also returns…. next week ….Thursday….feel sorry for whomever has a flight coming in at 9 pm cause you know who will be ‘stuck in traffic’ for an hour…

Yeah ..The things I do for Glee.

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Hold the fuck up!!! Tina tells Santana about Bram? Tina? Has Santana ever spoken to Tina in 4 years ffs? Why is Tina suddenly all up in everybody else’s love life? Tina needs to take fucking seat right this minute!



Tina keeps the old gang updated on EVERYTHING. That isn’t wrong.,you stay in touch with all the people you,call friends. If you look back at season one when the glee club thought they couldn’t be friends any more and you’ll understand why she keeps in touch with ALL of them…even Santana.